The Last Words

Estonian Music Days 2023

ENMT to inaugurate the Estonian Music Days festival

Wednesday, April 26, 19:00

Kanuti Gildi Saal

The Last Words is made of contrasts and contradictions; of strong voices on opposite sides. Pieces in this program are almost like manifestos, by composers who believe in different voices but believe them whole-heartedly and passionately. Some soft, some harsh, some gentle, some tough. The World premiere of pieces by Age Veeroos and Israeli/Swedish Dror Feiler and Arash Yazdani, are combined by the Tallinn premiere of Toivo Tulev and Sander Saarmets. Estonian celebrated soprano Kädy Plaas will accompany ENMT in the performance of Toivo Tulev’s piece on the last 6 words that were uttered by Henry David Thoreau before his death. The last words were “Now comes good sailing, moose, Indian”.

Toivo Tulev – Six Last Words of Henry David Thoreau for soprano and 6 instruments (2016)

Sander Saarmets – and the sky turned yellow (2022, Estonian premiere)

Arash Yazdani – Stromateis: Lessness (2017, premiere)

Age Veeroos – Outlines of the Night (2023, premiere)

Dror Feiler – Excarnation (2023, premiere)

Karolina Leedo (flutes)
Chiara Percivati (clarinets)
Toomas Hendrik Ellervee (violin)
Peeter Margus (violin)
Talvi Nurgamaa (viola)
Paul-Gunnar Loorand (cello)
Madis Jürgens (double bass)
Arash Yazdani (conductor)

Kädy Plaas (soprano)