Hába’s Harmonium

The legendary Czech composer Alois Hàba, one of the forefathers of microtonl and alternative intonations music, has an array of pieces with various intonation systems.

An artefact in the National Museum in Prague, this 1936 harmonium was the engine behind many of Hàba’s staggering 6th-tone division pieces. Interestingly he composed only one piece for the harmonium, 6 pieces for 6th-tone harmonium. Until now this composition has never been performed in public, on the intended instrument it’s based on; we are performing these pieces in the program as well.

We are performing Hàba’s rarely heard 6 pieces, in addition to 6 new compositions for his harmonium and accompanying ensemble.

The composers who wrote new pieces for this project are:

Georg Friedrich Haas

Klaus Lang

Marc Sabat

Gérard Pape

Nina Fukoka

Anna-Louis Randolph-Walton

Arash Yazdani