Baltic Music Days Festival: closing concert

APHORISM includes pieces from composers with various backgrounds and aesthetics, with one strong common thread, of being originated in Baltic states. The term Aphorism was first used in the Aphorisms of Hippocrates in which the first sentence of his work is: “Life is short, art long…, judgment difficult.”

ENMT performs the closing concert at the Baltic Music Days/Estonian Music Days Festival. The entire concert can be listened to at various radio stations, and viewed at EMT TV

Arash Yazdani
Aphorism (2016)

Santa Bušs
Ich kann dich noch sehen… (2020)

Elo Masing
Touch* **(2021)

Ülo Krigul
The Wolf Queen* ** (2021)

Elo Masing
The Garden of Forking Paths*(2021)

Justina Repečkaite
Working and singing (2014)

Ülo Krigul
Streeeeeeeeeeeeeetch * (2021)

* World Premier
** Music for young people