CrossRoads 2019

ENMT is performing in Salzburg Mozarteum University’s CrossRoads 2019 festival.

Program contains 4 newly pieces from the selected composers of call for scores, and 2 pieces from our repertoire.

Solitär, Universität Mozarteum


Oscar Jockel: gold erstarrte hülle der erinnerung – überschreibung III (2019)*
Jeff Brown: Motion Harmony #6 (2014)
Cong Wei: Bathe my soul in the fire (2019)*
Arash Yazdani: Instruction Manual of How to Learn Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb in 5
minutes (2019)
Alyssa Aska: Grātia (2019)*
Nicholas Brochec: the eye (2019)*

Performers: Maria Elonen (Flöte) / Helena Tuuling (Klarinette) / Nina Kawaguchi (Violine) / Talvi Nurgamaa (Viola) / Teemu Mastovaara (Violoncello)

Dirigent | Conductor: Arash Yazdani