Generation Kill – ISCM 2019

ENMT will be featured in the International World Music Festival 2019 (ISCM) with a program of edgy multimedia works. The concert takes place on Sunday, 5th of May at 20:00, in Kanuti Gildi hall.


The dividing lines between various disciplines of arts were blurred and disappeared early in the past century. With artists liberately creating works that were hard to label within traditional definitions.

Slowly but surely this merger reached to the music world too. For many composers, music isn’t limited to auditory experience, but reaches beyond a barrage of sensation and cognition. From employing tools that were not meant to be used for music, to inventing means for making new category of sound exploitation.

This program includes several of those ground breaking composers that stepped out of realm of music and applied what could narrowly be called media.

The program also includes works of ISCM official selection.

Alexander Schubert
Star me kitten (2015)

Shai Cohen
“Noumenon” ansamblile audiovisuaalidega / composition for ensemble with audiovisuals (2018, esiettekanne/World premier)

Max C. Vinetz
“here” flöödile, elektrikitarrile ja elektroonikale (2017)

Francesco Filidei
I funerali dell’Anarchico Serantini (2005-6)

Stefan Prins
Generation Kill – offspring 1 (2012)