October Tour

ENMT will be on tour in Hungary and France  early October.

At the heart of the program is an exceptional and unique piece by acclaimed Austrian composer Georg Friedrich Haas, that delves to a very different way of hearing music.

A newly written piece by Ryan Beppel, commissioned by ENMT, a unique piece for clay whistle, prepared violin and cymbal by Anna Romashkova and another exceptional music by young American composer Jeff Brown, for 4 pendulums; are among the other features of the program.

The program is:

Helena Tulve (Estonia)  “Stream”

Georg Friedrich Haas (Austria) “Nach-Ruf…ent-gleitend…”

Jeff. A. Brown (USA) “Motion Harmony#3”

Arash Yazdani (Estonia/Iran) “Demodulation”

Ryan Beppel (USA) “Occupational Hazard”

Anna Romashkova (Russia) “Suspense 3”


The concerts take place on:

11th October 18:00 FUGA Architecture Museum, Budapest, Hungary

13th October 18:00 RESONANTA, Cité International Universitait, Paris, France