Santur Project, Nordic Tour

ENMT presents the SANTUR project, to be premiered during Fresh Music Festival, AutumnFest of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. Composers of the contemporary classical music are asked to write new pieces for ensemble and the Persian instrument of Santur.

Santur soloist Pooyan Ataei will join the ensemble from Iran, to be at the center of the program.

The special condition of Santur such as numerous strings and unusual non- western tuning gives a rare opportunity to the composers to discover new worlds beyond the possibilities of conventional ensemble instruments. Solving the challenges of combining these different worlds from where the groups of instruments belong, gives an extra tension and material for the pieces.

The program is:

Helena Tulve (Estonia)   “Every spark is numbered I”

Matthias S. Krüger (Germany) “FlussII”

Märt-Matis Lill (Estonia) “You will become like me”

Magnus Bunnskog (Sweden) “Nur”

Mehdi Hosseini (Russia/Iran) “Innertia II”

Ryan Beppel (United States) “Occupational Hazard”

Anna Romashkova (Russia) “Suspense 3”


The concerts take place on:

26th September 18:00 Chamber hall of the Estonian Academy of Music , Tallinn

29th September 17:00 Forumbox gallery, Helsinki, Finland

2nd October 15:00 Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden


The concerts are preceded by presentation and talks featuring Pooyan Ataei with his instrument, alongside composers Helena Tulve, Magnus Bunnskog, Matthias S. Krüger and Mehdi Hosseini.

Moderator: Arash Yazdani

Lectures take place on:

25th September 11:00-13:00, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

29th September 13:00-15:00, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland